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Victor Nikiforov, uno de los empresarios más poderosos de Rusia, es también un alto miembro de la Bratva (o mafia roja) al que nunca pudieron probarle un solo crimen.

A moment passes before the ghost seemingly sags, his arms dropping to his sides and his body losing its graceful posture.

Can they build a future on the rubble of their broken hearts or will it just be the same battle with new player?

Viktor jest znanym architektem wnętrz, który ostatnio coraz bardziej odczuwa trudy swojej pracy.

The whole point of him leaving was so he could run away from the (literal) ghost of his past yet here he is, watching a silver-haired apparition dance ballet to classical music.

By the time the song ends, Yuuri’s cheeks are wet and he finds that he’s been clutching at his shirt, his hand directly above his heart.

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  1. Studies have repeatedly linked absentee dads to poor relationship outcomes for daughters (something mothers need to consider if they choose not to foster and support a father’s relationship if separated), including high rates of unplanned pregnancy and divorce.