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At the time, I simply thought he was an exceptionally nice guy.

After he sent me the video of Israel, I decided to take a video of my walk to school, to show him the streets of Melbourne. A few days later we exchanged skype, and started speaking for hours a day.

Hello, my name is Mina and my partner’s name is Rian. There are 10,500 miles between us and this is our long distance story… A girl in my class made a Whatsapp group with a boy in his class. At the time, Rian was studying in Israel, in a very small and random village, which just so happened to be my hometown.

When I learned of this, I grew very nostalgic, and asked if any of the guys in Israel could send me a video of themselves walking to the local convenience store, just so I could see the streets, the people, and the scenery.

Although this may seem like a short time, it is actually incredible painful.

Things like, how we can send each other surprise gifts and letters in the mail, and how it is obvious that we clearly love each other and that we are not in this relationship because we have an ulterior motive, or just because of the sexual aspect of it.For example, right now, as I am writing this, Rian is asleep, but he’s still on the call.This means that in a few hours, I can be the thing he wakes up to, as though I am actually there with him.Rian and I talk as often as possible, almost all day.We skype very often, send pictures, videos, audio notes, and poems.

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