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IAGW is also adding songs to my playlist with the uptempo opening theme “Good Morning Hard City” by Adrian Fu and the melancholy ending theme “Obviously Love You” by Freya Lim showcasing different spectrums of the Mandarin song variety. Alien Huang – 千分之一 (One Thousandth of a Percent) 4. I think Rainie Yang hitting it big so fast out of the gate everyone tends to forget it was Xiao Gui who every one thought would be the biggest star in that graduating class.

Those who love those songs can download the tracks below and I’ve also embedded MVs for those who didn’t watch the dramas and want to have a listen to see what all my fuss is about. Xiao Gui and Rainie are same year classmates at Taipei’s most famous performing arts high school Hua Gang High School of Performing Arts.

He participated in several martial arts competitions in the US and has won several competitions such as 1995 S. Besides martial arts, he also enjoys playing the viola and electric guitar.

Henry Cho America Open, Shi Fu Yang Shu-Ton Martial Arts Association of Ohio Chinese Martial Arts Tournament, Huang Chien Liang U. In March 2005 he signed under Yang Dengkui's First Media Holdings Corporation and moved to Taiwan to pursue a career in acting.

He speaks fluent Mandarin, English and Taiwanese Hokkien.

Since 2011, he has been signed to Yang Deng-kui's management company Polyland International Entertainment.

I had promised to bring some popular Taiwan drama OST downloads and time and memory got away from me but late is better than never.

She spends most of her time dreaming of someday meeting her Prince Charming; in her fantasy, she saves him from harm with her martial arts skills, and they live happily ever after.

The Just You OST contains all the songs used in the drama and in addition to “Beloved” my other favorite is the ending theme “Unstoppable Sun” performed by leading man Aaron Yan. Freya Lim – 我们的故事只讲了一半 (Our Story is Only Half Told) Click here to download full OST (Mediafire) It wasn’t until this MV that I suddenly made a connection with Xiao Gui!

I love Aaron’s voice and that soaring song fits his singing style like a glove. He’s totally Taiwan’s Lee Seung Gi – triple threat actor, singer, and MC.

It’s good stuff and I enjoy loading my playlist with a mixture of English, Korean, Japanese, and Mandarin songs for the variety and to not get bored with any one genre. It’s by entrance exam only to get in and Xiao Gui famously scored #1 among thousands of applicants in his entering class.

He was the class president and most popular boy in high school and Rainie was his girlfriend for pretty much their entire high school life.

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