Worst dating advice of all time yahoo

This time the author is not interested in trivial life matters but in an essential topic such as the God’s providence and the inflation fetishism. Please, quickly go through this detailed description of a most disturbing and mysterious conversation.

Let’s meditate and free our souls, so each one of us could extend and reach a satisfactory answer to this most exciting theological challenge! It really deserves a day or two of healthy and deep analytical thinking. Do you think that the guy just wanted to spare some embarrassment to the author or on the contrary – to cause some?

Honestly, this one is righteous to some extent, don’t you think? Isn’t it really just an obstacle for easy and efficient nails clipping?

Following the Less-Is-More trends, we should definitely not put up with such kind of human-body waste anymore.

This would make things much more easier and efficient for humanity, right?

There are a couple of things to notice here, though.

First, you should be allergic to mold in order to achieve the set goal.

This one is an issue which seems to have the potential to escalate as a real problem.

There is one question that is troubling the mind, though.

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