Workflow error updating a list item

Experts Exchange gives me answers from people who do know a lot about one thing, in a easy to use platform." -Todd S.well, what occured to me over the weekend is i changed the ONET.

For our purposes we don't care who originaly created the item, we only care who last edited or updated the item.

(Helps to increase performance of SQL queries based on items table) (Important columns to be populated) PROCESS_FLAG = 1 (1= Pending, 2= Assign Complete,3= Assign/Validation Failed, 4= Validation succeeded; Import failed, 5 = Import in Process, 7 = Import succeeded) TRANSACTION_TYPE = ‘CREATE’, ‘UPDATE’ SET_PROCESS_ID = 1 ORGANIZATION_ID DESCRIPTION ITEM_NUMBER and/or SEGMENT (n) MATERIAL_COST REVISION TEMPLATE_ID SUMMARY_FLAG ENABLED_FLAG PURCHASING_ITEM_FLAG SALES_ACCOUNT (defaulted from MTL_PARAMETERS. PROCESS_FLAG = 1 SET_PROCESS_ID (The item and category interface records should have the same set_process_id, if you are importing item and category assignment together) (Mandatory columns to be populated) INVENTORY_ITEM_ID or ITEM_NUMBER (Must match the item_number in mtl_system_items_interface table) ORGANIZATION_ID or ORGANIZATION_CODE or both REVISION CHANGE_NOTICE ECN_INITIATION_DATE IMPLEMENTATION_DATE IMPLEMENTED_SERIAL_NUMBER EFFECTIVITY_DATE ATTRIBUTE_CATEGORY ATTRIBUTEn REVISED_ITEM_SEQUENCE_ID DESCRIPTION PROCESS_FLAG = 1 TRANSACTION_TYPE = ‘CREATE’ SET_PROCESS_ID = 1 Each row in the mtl_item_revisions_interface table must have the REVISION and EFFECTIVITY_DATE in alphabetical (ASCII sort) and chronological order.

SALES_ACCOUNT) COST_OF_SALES_ACCOUNT (defaulted from MTL_PARAMETERS. COST_OF_SALES_ACCOUNT) (Mandatory columns to be populated) INVENTORY_ITEM_ID or ITEM_NUMBER. TRANSACTION_TYPE = ‘CREATE’ (‘UPDATE’ or ‘DELETE’ is not possible through Item Import).

Purch RFQLine Map ( Request for quotation lines 4 ) Bank Group ( Bank groups 5 ) RFIDProcess Structure Tmp ( RFID process structure 6 ) Bank Account Table ( Bank accounts 7 ) Bank Account Trans ( Bank transactions 8 ) Bank Cheque Layout ( Check layout 9 ) Bank Cheque Table ( Check table 10 ) Bank Deposit ( Bank deposit 11 ) Bank Trans Type ( Bank transaction type 12 ) BOM ( BOM lines 18 ) BOMCalc Table ( Calculation 19 ) BOMCalc Trans ( BOM calculation transactions 20 ) BOMConfig Route ( Configuration route 21 ) BOMConfig Rule ( Configuration rules 22 ) BOMMap ( BOM lines 23 ) BOMParameters ( BOM parameters 24 ) Budget Tmp Control Statistics ( Budget control statistics 25 ) BOMTable ( Bills of materials 26 ) BOMVersion ( BOM versions 27 ) Budget Map ( Budget map 28 ) Budget Model ( Budget models 29 ) Budget Model Map ( Budget model map 30 ) Intrastat Transaction Code ( Transaction codes 31 ) Business Statistics Data ( Business statistics lines 32 ) Business Statistics Def ( Business statistics 33 ) Cash Disc ( Cash discount 34 ) Commission Calc ( Commission rates 35 ) Commission Customer Group ( Commission customer group 36 ) Commission Item Group ( Commission item group 37 ) Commission Sales Group ( Commission sales group 38 ) Commission Sales Rep ( Commission sales rep.

Flow provides a feature to perform content approval via Mobile App or Email, however, it cannot update the "Approval status" field back to the list.

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Item import program can be used to create new Inventory items or to update existing inventory items.

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