Women with daddy issues dating older men

Regardless of your own personal views, young women dating older men is a worldwide phenomenon that is gaining popularity and acceptance at an alarming rate. And what is attracting these young, attractive women, to settle down with slow-paced, elderly men?

We all know the gold-digger issue, but other than that, what gives?

Memories of my father growing up are of a man drunk, absent or angry.

When my father was at home, the family was either walking on eggshells or swept up in a maelstrom of wild tantrums and energy — cue the music for an abandoned childhood.

People didn't think I was dating my father; they thought I was dating my grandfather.

Although I said I hated my father, I also desperately wanted him to notice me—which sounds suspiciously like all of my crushes.Of course, the first unattainable man I ever hoped would notice me was my father.The first time I heard about daddy issues was when I was 23 years old and dating a man who was 45 and looked 65.From there, generally a single factor makes him unattainable: geography, lifestyle, or a significant other.Notwithstanding, in my mind's eye, the unattainable man is always somehow "the One," and I hope he will begin to think of me the way I think of him — cycle and repeat.

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