Window vista hangs when updating

In my case, after an hour, I figured it must be done, so let Win10 close it as a "not responding window", and it went on with the MSDN and it worked.

(you can also install MSDN standalone from the CDs later) If you can't get the SP6 update to work try by putting it on a Thumbdrive in the root and call the Volume name VS6SP6. HLP" files are not supported under Windows 10, so no VB6 Help will be available (that's MSDN).

Though honestly, if all it is doing is stopping a reboot, I don't see why that matters. Stop the Reboot As in my previous tutorials for installing VB6 on Windows 7 and Windows 8, you'll want to create a zero byte file called MSJAVA. Creating this file in C:\Windows will prevent the need for a reboot at the end of the installation.So, to get past this behavior, right-click the Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 program icon in the start menu group, and select Run As Administrator. Fixing the IDE Chug Now before you start building a new project or editing an existing one, there is one more bit of configuration you might need to do.Click Yes in the resulting UAC dialog, and VB6 will start normally, presenting the new project wizard. In running the IDE in a Windows 10 virtual machine, I've found that the IDE is somewhat sluggish when sizing and/or placing controls on a form, as well as sizing the form itself.But, you'll receive a nasty error about Automation, Error accessing the registry.You can blow by the error, but you'll just keep getting it every time you fire up VB6, and some data-access related items won't work correctly.

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