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I believe a real turning point of me becoming a true cuckold was during the last 3 or 4 years we were married. I knew by how she dressed for work and the after hours events she went to that something going on.Her co-worker was a lot older and a dominant guy, he had her doing as he wished when he wished.My ex-wife told me that the girls often talked among themselves about who had done who and which one was better.She said it was common knowledge within the girls in our group that I was not a good screw.

She went on to explain that I was a disapointment in bed, she did not mind letting me enjoy her body but only got off on my excitement.

We had hung around with a group of 5 or 6 guys and 5 or 6 gals during our younger years.

During that time I had spent some time with several of the girls, I had screwed 2 of them and it was common knowledge back then that we were all pretty open about sex.

He also took pictures of her to show his golfing buddies. She said that if I would have been good in bed she most likely would have never looked elsewhere.

She has remarried and has a good life and I am happy for her.

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