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In March 2003, Tequan landed his first pilot, The Henry Lee Project, an Aaron Spelling Production.

Tequan would have starred playing Andrew Lee, grandson, to Henry Lee played by Danny Glover.

Tequan Richmond is a famous American actor, who was born on October 30, 1992.

On his second day in Port Charles, TJ is already in trouble after he steals a car from a valet service, since he is only 14 he is let off with a warning.

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Alexis and Shawn both realize that TJ is very troubled and set out to help him.

TJ later finds out about Sonny Corinthos and the mob ties of Port Charles and decides that he wants to stay in town after all.

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Aside from information specific to Tequan Richmond's birthday, Tequan Richmond is the 6906th most famous American.

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