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12) Website: What Ever Life Founder: Ashley Qualls Place started the business: started at her kitchen office.Started her business in 2004 with an domain name and an old computer, at the age of just fourteen.Now the company has annual revenue to the extent of million.

7) Website: Digg Founder: Kevin Rose Place started the business: In his apartment.

The site was called “Digg” instead of “Dig” because the domain name “dig.com” had been previously registered by the Walt Disney Internet Group.

8) Website: Plenty Of Fish Founder: Markus Frind Place started the business: In his office Back in 2001 after his birthday someone in the office introduced him to online dating sites.

Compromised page: Sergey Brin, Google Co-Founder Year: 2006 As one of the head dudes in charge at Google, Sergey Brin should have expected people to have some fun at his expense. In 2002, his Wikipedia page was edited to ask, "Is he lucky or smart or both?

" That was nothing, however, compared to what was written on the page of the married father of one in 2006: "Sergey revealed that he is homosexual and dating with Jimmy Wales." You would think if he was really dating the Wikipedia founder, his page would be spotless.

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