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"Mike has never been afraid to flash the cash – that was eventually what got him in trouble back home," said one source."I'm told he wasn't exactly shy in Rio either." Shortly after arriving in Brazil, Mr Misick also launched an asylum claim, only for it to be struck out in June 2012.With a British-led criminal investigation underway in the Turks and Caicos, his assets had already been frozen.But he still continued to live a "luxurious" life, paid for with a large number of credit cards, sources close to the British investigating team said.He is initially believed to have fled to the nearby Dominican Republic, before arriving in Brazil in October 2011.

When he is eventually returned to his homeland – which is now back under local control after fresh elections in November – he can expect to face a trial alongside ten other defendants, mostly other state officials.

"It would appear he was deliberately keeping to countries from where he could not be extradited," said a Foreign Office source.

In Rio he settled in an apartment in Ipanema, the upmarket beach district made famous by the Frank Sinatra song, with a new girlfriend.

"It seems that the British way of getting rid of these leaders is to accuse them of corruption." Curiously, his missives - written in childish scrawl - were penned on notepaper stamped with the words "Is GREAT Britain" – a slogan used by Visit Britain to promote tourism to the UK.

Mr Misick was briefly bailed in February after a mix-up meant the British government's extradition application did not reach Brazil's Supreme Court by a 60-day deadline.

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Unlike the Great Train Robber Ronnie Biggs, though, who spent decades in Rio thumbing his nose at British police, Mr Misick's time on the run has proved somewhat more shortlived.

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