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100 years is not a long time Europeans started Immigrating to Australia in the 18th century!

It’s weird how all of these celebrities all have English, Irish and German ancestry. She looks ethnic Russian – Pale skin, small eyes, light hair. She’s just trying to pass as Black because she has a Black fetish for Black men. Personally, I don’t give a fuck, I believe we’re different as long as we stay in our lanes.

Its disgusting how bitches be worshipping her fake tranny ass. They did create racism, if you disagree well sorry to inform you that you’re a gigantic, IGNORANT MORON. Log in to Reply @shobohunter you can google the 100 % Nigerian couple who had a blonde haired blue eyed baby.

Log in to Reply Dogg, Dogg, Dogg…no need to be so hostile. ” Are you implying that an Anglo Australian is an English idiot? White people will act nice and innocent to your face, but talk shit about you behind your back. To @midori29 (@shobohunter skin complexion only accounts for part of racial admixture , you have to look at facial features, body and hair too. She belongs to Nordic type (sub-race) of greater caucasoid race. Blonde hair and blue eyes occur in Africa as a genetic mutation.

Also there are references in the Bible that humans existed then were destroyed several times over. Additionally, people existed in countries before Christopher Columbus got there.

Log in to Reply @Penzo, South African blacks have epilcathic eyefolds too and they are the worls oldest people, older than Asians Nelson Mandela link EPILCATHIC FOLD in to Reply I believe original Australian aborigines are part of the black race who migrated millions of years ago, out of Africa, and Iggy is remotely black admixed.

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