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Power was liked and admired by men and women alike.His group of gay friends included director George Cukor and actors Clifton Webb, Lon Mc Callister (and his lover William Eythe), Cary Grant, Reginald Gardner, Van Johnson and bi-sexual billionaire Howard Hughes.Books and articles written about Power relate that the great gay love of Power's life was a lowly technician at 20th Century Fox, with whom he had a sexual and romantic relationship that lasted for decades.Like most bi-sexual and homosexual Hollywood stars, Power lived in fear of being “found out.” Although studio head Darryl Zanuck liked Tyrone, he was afraid of losing Fox’s resident matinée idol and biggest moneymaker, should the truth of his homosexual activity become public.

He was often seen in public with well known homosexuals, but he was so loved by the Hollywood community, that they turned a blind eye.Ohio-born movie star Tyrone Power (1914–1958) was the son of an actor.A practicing bi-sexual, Tyrone was involved with several men during his career, among them composer Lorenz Hart (lyricist of the Rodgers & Hart song writing team) and fellow actor Cesar Romero, who provided details about Power's same sex activity in interviews after Tyrone's death.logo.to/2u Lu3ke 😢👏At the @Gay Games​' 1994 Pink Flamingos portion of the swim meet, Montreal performed a beautiful and emotional reflection of the AIDS Crisis which brought spectators to their feet.Don't miss this powerful documentary #Light In The Water, TOMORROW at 8/7c on Logo.

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