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A source told Star Magazine that George Clooney has been setting them up on dates — and they’ve been agreeing!The celebrities “have been secretly getting together for late-night hookups, and it’s all because of George [Clooney],” the insider told the outlet. Brad and Angelina, 42, dated for 11 years and were married for two.

"Hey, maybe that was my problem--I married off the list." "I don't make the rules, Boss." Tony offered the mints to Gibbs, but he waved them away. If I liked the rules, you think I'd be here doing this now? I'd have a corner office in mid-town Manhattan, a pretty wife"--he smiled wryly--"prettier secretary." "And be so bored you'd be ready to chew off a leg to escape." Gibbs moved to the couch proper.They have six kids together, three of whom were adopted.RELATED: 5 Rumors About Why Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux Are Getting Divorced Jen recently became single when she ended things with her hubby of two and a half years, Justin Theroux, in February.“George was the first person to call him when his marriage to Angie imploded,” the source told the magazine."Meaning he should have known better than to get involved with a woman so far out of his league? " "The galley's open all night." Tony smiled, remembering. "Let's go." When the elevator arrived, Gibbs pushed the button for the main floor."Uh, Boss, the cafeteria's in the basement across from Nuclear Medicine." "And the coffee there tastes like bilge water from a nuclear submarine." They got off the elevator and Tony followed Gibbs down a hall and around several corners.

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“They reminisced about the past and had a lot of laughs.

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