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Keep reading to see Justin and Emma's chill day in the South of France.

Emma Stone and Justin Theroux have been generating romance rumors over the past couple of months, and on Monday, they kicked them into high gear when they both showed up to Rihanna's Met Gala afterparty at NYC's Up&Down nightclub. As far as we know, the actress is still dating Saturday Night Live writer and segment director Dave Mc Cary.

A new report claims he’s been on dates with “seven women in seven days.” But Gossip Cop can explain how this narrative is provably false.

The bogus story can be found in the latest issue of the , which contends, “Hound dog Justin Theroux has been caught romancing seven women in seven days.” The gossip magazine alleges he “started out by cozying up” to Emma Stone, “then went on to hook up with British beauties” Sienna Miller and Zoe Buckman.

I never knew that I could love so much or be so patient or be so excited by the tiniest, tiniest little thing.

Conclusion: The is claiming Theroux was “caught romancing seven women in seven days,” but these gatherings actually took place over the course of several months (April, May, June).

In the case of Munn, he didn’t even step out with her at all.

And with Stone, Miller, Buckman, Harrier, Cardenas and Gomez, none of those outings were actually “dates” or had anything do with a “romance,” as multiple outlets have reported.

Simply because Theroux has been seen with various females in the wake of his February separation from Jennifer Aniston, the gossip media has been quick to issue “new couple alerts” every time.

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