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She started working for Killer Gold, where she was a host. She also started working as a fitness model side by side and was showcased on the covers of the Hot Rod as well as the Muscle and Fitness magazines.

Courtney Hansen career got a positive push when she was made the co-host of the makeover series Overhaulin’.

She said “What makes it special is Midwestern people are the nicest on the planet,” said Hansen, who grew up in northern Minnesota and has hosted and been featured on some automotive-related TV shows." Courtney Hansen is back at USA Today and she's here to cover one of the most anticipated Car shows in the year.

She then hosted Powerblock of the Spike TV and has been known to be extremely popular for her role as a host there.

The show is composed of four half hour automotive shows and ran the duration of eight seasons.

He has been together with Courtney for a long time, but they are not married. Hansen first announced her pregnancy in March 2014 when she was already six months with a child in her belly.

It was then that Hartington was revealed as her boyfriend.

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Caption: Boat Ride for the Birthday Girl The first week of July was a special week not only for her but also for her entire family as well.

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