Wheesung and ivy dating

She listed the names of the people she was forced to have sex with but as usual nothing was really done.

Choi Jin Shil- was a victim of abuse by her husband but the public turned their backs on her because apparently an abused woman is a woman without dignity.

He is also set to comeback on summer and I am going to Korea this April hmmm I wonder when is that Summer comeback…

I wish Wheesung is now fine and that his voice will be as good as it was before. I was in Singapore for 5 days and yesterday was my flight back to my hometown.

Pronunciation is really very critical in foreign land I was listening to my former collegue talking to the Customer Service for Taxi and she just mentioned pick up from Novena Court going to Changi (with ‘ngi’ pronunced smoothly no stress on ‘gi’ so its not Chang-gi afterall) 🙂 I was spending a little stoll in the airport when I suddenly saw a familiar face. OMG i was actually standing a little over 1 meter from my favorite R&B singer from Korea — 휘성씨 (Wheesung-sshi).

Topless photos of her were taken by four men working for a triad boss, as "punishment" for having refused a film offer.

Twelve years later, the naked pictures taken during her ordeal were published in the 30 October 2002 edition of a gossip magazine, sparking massive protests and petitions by fans and fellow Hong Kong entertainers.

He has undergone a vocal cord operation last Feburay 26 in a hospital in Kangnam Seoul.

I have been searching for details regarding his military service entry and this operation for the longest time only to find this post from krnloop.last FEBRUARY 27.

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