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These alternating layers of sediments and sometimes organic material are called varves and by counting each varve sequentially a varve chronology can be constructed.

During a period of glaciation biological activity shuts down and environmental indicators such as pollen or insect remains cannot be used. (2007) ‘Century-scale variability in late-summer rainfall events recorded over seven centuries in subannually laminated lacustrine sediments, White Pass, British Columbia.’ , 67(2) pp. Delaney, C., Hambrey, M., Christoffersen, P., Glasser, N. (2009) ‘Seasonal controls on deposition of Late Devensian glaciolacustrine sediments , Central ireland : Implications for the construction of a varve chronology for the British-Irish ice-sheet Seasonal Controls on Deposition of Late Devensian.’ . It cover all aspects of the ocean-climate-atmospheric systems, encompassing multiple, over-lapping and complementary disciplines, from the state of the current climate to modelled predictions of future climatic scenarios, and the reconstruction of past climatic change.

An important summary of the significance of this varve chronology can be found in an open access article from magazine here.

For several decades, varve chronologies have been featured as clear evidence of an ancient Earth.

These topics included:- Methodological developments- Marine versus lacustrine varves- Varve chronologies, including quantification of age uncertainties- Calibration of the climatic and environmental signal- Database management- Data processing- Learning from other annually resolved archives The Varves Working Group is still open to every scientist (young or experienced) interested or involved in varves.

Varved glacial lake sediments Sedimentological structures Ice marginal lake environments Last Glacial Termination (LGT, c.21-14 thousands of years (ka)) to present times Proglacial lakes form in front of glaciers and act as sinks for water and sediment flowing from melting ice.

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Do places on Earth exist where annual records have been stored for tens of thousands of years and can be accessed today?

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