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Be yourself and be authentic and you have a much better chance of making a true connection with someone."And yet, dating games still happen all the time. Basically, it's when someone isn't interested in seeing you again, but they give you all of these little "crumbs" to leave you on the hook and confused — it's just not OK.So give yourself permission to just bow out of them — as soon as they appear. "Breadcrumbing is worse than ghosting because it is more sadistic," Carole Lieberman, M.It's a sign that they're not really being authentic in their dating life — and no grown-ass woman has time for that.So why do people even play games in the first place?Sadly, I am not perfect, and I do not always take the time to appropriately combine all my thoughts into one concise, humorous, and insightful text. Sadly, no great love story ends with someone receiving a cute text.At some point you will have to actually call the person and (*gasp*) talk to them.We are exhausted from waiting a fortnight to know if you want to "grab a coffee." We are sick of watching those three little dots undulate across the bottom of the screen only to stop... There are too many rules now for how to "correctly" text a crush, so I say "F*#k it." Throw the rules out the window, burn them to the ground!Here are some of my main texting pet peeves, and why you should dump any poor soul who tries them on you.(Warning: if you do not follow normal texting etiquette, your crush might realize that you like them — HEAVEN FORBID! If the texting drags on for too long, just assume that the person isn’t interested in dating.

And one of the most important (and infuriating) byproducts of dating with smart phones is the elaborate texting dance that we are forced to perform.They want to have their cake (the breakup) and eat it too (not have the person they're haunting to be with someone else).The third reason is that they feel the need to bug the person they're haunting.My thought process: if they are really too busy to set a time to hang, then they do not have time for a relationship.If your text isn’t important enough to deserve a timely response, then they do not actually care — which sucks. Don’t waste valuable time that could be spent doing awesome things, moping around un-awesomely waiting for a text.

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We all have our own unique pet peeves, but here are some dating games grown-ass women just shouldn't put up with.amount of time to text someone back" thing. I'm not saying someone should be replying to you every two seconds, but if they insist on being constantly incommunicado, nobody has time for that. D., a Beverly Hills-based psychiatrist and relationship expert, tells Bustle.

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