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Jonah Hill 2012 Jonah was said to be at the heart of Rita’s split with Rob after rumours began to circulate that she cheated on Rob with the actor during a trip to New York.Evan Ross 2013 Rita was spotted kissing Diana Ross’s son at a party in New York club Gold Bar in January 2013 after meeting at a Roc Nation party the previous year.“I never been so disrespected in my life,” he captioned one explicit picture. This woman is so disrespectful and I don’t care.” Other since-deleted posts included commentary on Chyna’s nipple size and weight loss.After social media users criticized Kardashian for airing the couple’s dirty laundry to millions, he again took to Instagram to express his hope that Dream, just seven months, hear about the feud one day.And online spectators, for the most part, consumed the drama as entertainment.As of Thursday afternoon, Kardashian’s Instagram account has been suspended (or shut down by the Arthur George sock designer, depending upon whose story is to be believed), and Chyna is allegedly seeking legal action against her former fiance (and father of her baby daughter Dream) for posting several nude photos of her without her consent.

"This is @robkardashian lol," she wrote, before deleting the post.

Come spend time with your daughter instead of fucking me and then this dude right after,” he captioned the clip.

“U need help.” From there, Kardashian continued posting images to Instagram, this time NSFW nude photos of Chyna, including images of her butt, genitals and breasts.

So, um, it's not like Tyga and Blac Chyna are on friendly terms these days.

And since Kylie is still standing by Tyga's side, that means that she probably isn't feeling too great about Rob dating her right now..

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