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I am a 3 month employee at a very new walmart-Since I have started I have suffered lots of abbuse-I refuse to quit because the two girls creating the most drama wants that.They cuss so much I have a headache working aroung them-Even if there are customers they cuss.Dont even get me started on favoritism in the work place. Let me tell you this was used with the there for a couple of years and let us know how things are going.I have been with walmart for a little over a year now.

Now mind you the co-man was there when i was told things would get ugly if the trailer wasnt done.I was threatened by the same crew member that same week.I felt that if i took it to manager they would not do anything about it anyway, Their to busy trying to meet deadlines ,time limits ,quotas care about anything or anyone else.I have way too much to say than the intent of this forum.So, as a professional who was temporarily filling a financial gap, I pity anyone who thinks they must work at Walmart.

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