Volvo v40 tehniskie dating

At speeds over 70 km/h, Adaptive Cruise Control also supports overtaking by briefly accelerating your car towards the vehicle in front when you turn the indicator on.

It adapts to the ECO and Dynamic drive modes, which helps you save fuel or enjoy a more dynamic driving experience.

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it k reno dzei labi,bet tas volvo ir tds sboriks...katru gadu kaut kas mainas un t!

:( Pat jaunajiem tik tizlu paneli /viduskonsoli uzzziimeejussi, ka pilniigi vissu iespaidu pamaanaas sabojaat par taa, varbuut nesliktu, jo pilniigi jaunu tak autinnu :(Man ir ir 2004volvo v50, 2.0 dizelis. Un arii tas pa tiem saviem life 10 gadiem nesaruuseeja nekur cauri. Naakamaas jau bija vaaciessu un amerikaannu, arii japaannu massiinas. Bet taa ruuseessana ir taada, ka vienkaarssi neko atskruuvet peec 5 gadiem vairs nevar , vaia rii izpuuteeja trubas saruusee..

In an intersection, City Safety can also assist by braking automatically if you should turn into the path of an oncoming vehicle.It’s intelligent too: using map data from the car’s navigation system, Adaptive Cruise Control identifies hills ahead and adapts the speed to help optimise your comfort and safety.Adaptive Cruise Control is part of Intelli Safe Assist.Please note: The driver is always responsible for how the car is controlled, this is only a supportive function.For smoother driving from standstill up to motorway speeds, Pilot Assist semi-autonomous drive supplements Adaptive Cruise Control by adding gentle steering support to help keep the car centred in its lane and at a set speed.

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