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A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, after all."Come on," she says."Okay," I say. To her, it sounds like fun to have a stranger deconstruct her penmanship in the sidebar of a magazine article. Not exactly bungee jumping, but Scarlett is brave like that. That's something I've realized lately.""You saying I shouldn't play cards? "Just that you're never free of the irrational, so you might as well—" She pauses there. "Oh, I don't know," she says, stopping before picking up again. It may not make sense, but you need to it a little. I think maybe in the past I didn't have the same kind of investment. Then she says in the unmistakable rasp of her voice, with what sounds like sincerity, "Too bad it's not two weeks from now. We could have had a lobster roll and played some cribbage."I decide to take that as an offer. Then she slides the pad to me and says, "Now you do it." And so I take the pen. When she's like this, willing — wanting even — to give in to harebrained plots, you really feel like you're talking to a bombshell, because bombshells are fun. "I didn't think I was a jealous person," she says, "until I started dating my current, my one-and-only. "I think it should be neutral," she says, shaking her head. I'm afraid I'll emphasize the or something." As she thinks, she purses her lips, looks down, casting a little furtive charm. She came in here — and this place is hung with velvet curtains and underlit by 40-watt bulbs; it's seriously — with her sunglasses on, walked six feet in front of me, at her publicist's side, in her gray cotton tracksuit, half pointing at tables that might work for her. She makes a hootchie girl elegant, offering ascendant beauty in every scene. So I say, "I get up early, go to the coffee shop to play cards for a while.

The girls of Africa possess the exotic beauty of Ebony skinned and well-toned body which is unlikely to be found any other part of the world. Scarlett just plain operates in the world, which can make her seem a little chilly at first, even sour. She's been at it long enough to have done most of it before. To let yourself care that much that the emotion might hurt you a little." "So it's okay, even if you have no reason to be jealous? A beautiful woman, luminously watching a cloudy, unilluminated afternoon from behind the clamp of some large, large sunglasses. You can't ask an astrologer to work unless he can see the stars." Which is really not true. She's not one of those who pine for the privacy lost to celebrity, nor does she tell teary stories of some paparazzo who stalked her in the doorway of a cupcake shop. You just go round the board, then round again.""Sounds meditative," she says. "That would be very pleasant, I think, to start the day by playing cards."I offer what wisdom I've taken from the habit: "It clears my head, makes me more rational.""I don't really aspire to being rational. "Like, it's okay to be jealous, for example, which people think is irrational. But I'd rather be with someone who's a little jealous than someone who's never jealous. Not that I liked my partner less, I just wasn't capable of it or caring that much."Evening is coming on, and the vegetables have become soggy and picked-at. I drive out to Long Island — Amagansett, at the eastern end — and we meet at a lobster shack. This is a day in the middle of the aforementioned staycation, her thirty days of time off after seven months of work without cease."Hey."I had forgotten about the voice. In any space, it seems Scarlett Johansson is always closer than other women, even though right now she's sitting in a way-over-there chair on the other side of the glass table, taking in the rollicking lunch crowd over my shoulder, with her back to the wall.Four-fifty on a Thursday afternoon, deep in a shadowy bar at a hotel called the Nomad, downtown Manhattan, and Scarlett Johansson actually wants to write. What I want to do right now is sleep late, read the paper. She's asking me things as if she knows me, which is, of course, about as true in reverse as well. I give her a little hotel pad, maybe four-by-six, which she grabs in her small, ringless fingers. I've come to see that there's something pretty great about having two hours to read." Why accept the title Sexiest Woman Alive if everything is so busy just now?

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