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Frame coloring is the process used to ensure that VLAN members or groups are properly identified and handled.

With frame coloring, packets are given the proper VLAN ID at their origin so that they may be properly processed as they pass through the network.

NOTE: These steps have already assumed that the user logged into the router, got into enable mode, and entered configuration mode.

These specific examples are based on the Cisco 6500 series devices.

Different terminology is used between different hardware manufacturers when it comes to VLANs.

As a result, there is often confusion at implementation time.

Rolling up groups of settings into default, canned and custom configurations has allowed us to seamlessly provide simple and advanced views.

For VLAN configuration, we provide familiar DAC GE “mode of operation” settings for Transparent, Mixed and VLAN (GE and ES compatible) along with a new 1-to-1 mapping of ports to channels.

VLAN Configuration A VLAN is not of much use if it has not been assigned an IP Address, the subnet netmask, and port membership.

The VLAN ID then enables switching and routing engines to make the appropriate decisions as defined in the VLAN configuration.

Traditional network designs use routers to create broadcast domains and limit broadcasts between multiple sub-nets.

Following are a few details and some examples to assist in defining VLANs so confusion is not an issue.

Users need a few details to define a VLAN on most Cisco equipment.

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