Validating radio

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Thousands of machines can connect to a single gateway and send encrypted data through to the internet over miles of range.

Owners earn tokens every time machines connect to their gateways. The mining process takes only minimal amounts of power (as much as an LED light bulb) and only requires an internet connection to operate.

Coming Q4 2018 – Join the Waitlist No mining pools, expensive hardware, or technical knowledge needed. Helium Gateways combine to form a worldwide wireless network for machines.

When submitting feedback, please consider issues in the context of the companion documents.In order to accomplish this effectively, the software needs to understand the semantics of the content.Semantics is the science of meaning; in this case, used to assign roles, states, and properties that apply to user interface and content elements as a human would understand.Assistive technologies can transform the presentation of content into a format more suitable to the user, and can allow the user to interact in different ways.For example, the user may need to, or choose to, interact with a slider widget via arrow keys, instead of dragging and dropping with a mouse.

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