Validating hava array size

That's not really possible without examining the string using similar logic to what is in the function itself.Even then, it would be wasteful to construct a byte array just for the function call.If you must mutate the array, copy into a new array instead.Sometimes you would like to apply array methods to strings or other array-like objects (such as function arguments).Therefore, I think that it would be more useful to provide a function that validates a string.To go further, you could make such a function return something more informative than just a boolean.var vegetables = ['Cabbage', 'Turnip', 'Radish', 'Carrot']; console.log(vegetables); // ["Cabbage", "Turnip", "Radish", "Carrot"] var pos = 1, n = 2; var removed Items = vegetables.splice(pos, n); // this is how to remove items, n defines the number of items to be removed, // from that position(pos) onward to the end of array.

The result of a match between a regular expression and a string can create a Java Script array.

Setting or accessing via non-integers using bracket notation (or dot notation) will not set or retrieve an element from the array list itself, but will set or access a variable associated with that array's object property collection.

The array's object properties and list of array elements are separate, and the array's traversal and mutation operations cannot be applied to these named properties.

This array has properties and elements which provide information about the match.

Such an array is returned by of the array is sampled, and any element added beyond this length from within the callback is not visited.

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