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Do you want to make a profit, or is it enough to just make a living?

In Growing a Business, Paul Hawken shows how a business grows naturally out of the owners and founders doing something they want to do, filling a need they believe should be filled. Being a Mc Donald’s franchisee means you’re a millionaire; it doesn’t mean you like eating or preparing what Mc Donald’s restaurants serve. To determine your core competencies, take another look at the mirror.Will your team members know it, believe it, and use it in practice?Then, start to ask yourself the most important questions.If you have a mission statement in your company, test it by asking yourself, honestly, whether your competitors could use exactly the same statement. If you gave an employee or customer a blind screening test, asking her to read your mission statement and four others without identifying which is which, would she be able to tell which mission statement was yours? Guy Kawasaki writes an eloquent argument for the mantra instead of the mission in his book (see sidebar, Mantras vs. Will it actually set the underlying goals of the company?Will you refer to it as you develop and implement strategy?

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