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Other times of year, you could just reserve at the station the day before, or the morning you leave with little risk of being sold out. They are relatively fast and make fewer stops than regional trains.IC trains connect key cities like Rome, Milan, Venice and Florence.You can choose from a Eurail Global Pass covering all 28 countries, Select 4 countries that border each other, Regional passes a combination of 2 countries or 3 countries or a single country pass.Travel is in both 1st and 2nd Classes with discounts for Youth travelers, and small saver groups (2 to 5 passengers).

Foreigners have long been captivated by Italy’s historic, cultural, and gastronomic treasures.You also save travel time by arriving at your next destination the next morning.International and domestic night trains include the following: Each of these trains require a reservation and related fee.There are a few ways to make a reservation for an Italian train: This page on the website will help with any questions about making reservations for trains in Italy.Taking the night train gives you the benefit of saving a night’s accommodation.

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