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Alarms are generated for high and low values, which can be cleared by any watcher of the data.

Community maintained fork of the original cgm-remote-monitor.

This plugin in intended for the purpose of automatically snoozing alarms when the CGM indicates high blood sugar but there is also insulin on board (IOB) and secondly, alerting to user that it might be beneficial to measure the blood sugar using a glucometer and dosing insulin as calculated by the pump or instructed by trained medicare professionals.

The plugin calculates the bolus amount when above your target, generates alarms when you should consider checking and bolusing, and snoozes alarms when there is enough IOB to cover a high BG. Plugins only have access to their own extended settings, all the extended settings of client plugins will be sent to the browser.

An option plugin to enable adding foods from database in Bolus Wizard and enable .

Calculates BG using sensor and calibration records from and displays an alternate BG values and noise levels.

Inspect a Gadget The modern car is equipped with a bewildering array of gadgets, some you may be aware of, some you may not, and some far more useful than others.You can copy and paste the text in the gray box into your environment variable.Use the autoconfigure tool to sync an uploader to your config.To learn more about the Nightscout API, visit https://YOUR-SITE.com/or review Plugins are used extend the way information is displayed, how notifications are sent, alarms are triggered, and more.

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Some are radical and unlikely to affect us in a big way, but others are very relevant indeed.

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