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I've been able to format an external to fat32 and the console recognizes the drive but can't play any of the files without an update (this thing is like 4 years old and hasn't been updated).The problem is the cables that run from the 360 to the TV also go through a false wall to keep all the cabling neat and it is apparently too much of a pain for them to pull it all out so I can take the 360 to my place and update it for them.It can also only be downloaded through a 360 (can't put it on a USB stick like the dash update).Also, do you remember any of the file extensions for the videos?Thankyou no idea why I couldn't find that link this morning!I'll try downloading and updating from a USB tonight if no luck I'll go and hire a new release. EDIT: I'm also surprised that his console hasn't received the update from some of the games he is playing, although I know all he plays is Fifa and not sure what version of the game he has.The situation for Xbox 360 and Xbox One gamers, however, is nowhere near as simple, with most titles lacking an easy upgrade path.Recently, Sony released the details about the “Play Station 3 to Play Station 4 Digital Upgrade Program” on the Play Station website.

It shouldn't work, and since you are connected to live it should ask you if you want to download the update. I downloaded the dash update onto a thumbdrive and had this update just fine, the latest dash update does include support for AVI files.

Most of them are avi, some mp4 I told them the 360 would likely not play mkv files of which there are very few.

So in summary the best thing to do would be:1) Download dash update unpack onto a USB (fat32 formatted judging by the fact that I needed to do this to the 1TB external) and plug into 3602) Turn 360 on and have it update automatically from USB.3) Set up wifi hotspot over i Phone log into marketplace and get the optional media update4) Test media files.5) ....6) Profit?

Is there any way that I can update the 360 via external storage like you can with the 360, my googling so far hasn't been very lucky at all. All new releases contain an update partition that has the most current dashboard that was available at time of release it's an anti piracy measure to force people to keep up to date with dashboard releases and there security measures.

If you cant use louiedog's link to update for some reason you could redbox a newer game and use that to update.

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