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If you want to upgrade from Home Edition to Professional Edition and you don't want to do any re-installation of any of your programs, then you cannot use the OEM edition, because you would then need to start from scratch.Only the FULL edition will allow you to do a simple upgrade from your existing version, and then since you are only upgrading from Home to Pro, then you don't have to worry as to whether your programs are going to work or not, like you would have to worry if you were making an upgrade from XP to Vista, or 7.How can I upgrade my Windows XP Home to Windows XP Professional.I have SP 3 on my home edition and when I insert my copy of Windows XP Professional in the drive and try to install it says that it can not due to the fact that my copy is newer than the XP Professional morcomp, To do what you want to do, you must make a Slipstream Installation Copy of XP Professional with Service Pack 3.This doesn’t install or add all the features from Windows XP Professional, such as Remote Desktop Server (Install Remote Desktop on XP Home) and Group Policy Editor (GPedit) utility tools, which was removed from Windows XP Home edition.Some functions which turned off and disabled via integrated switches which read from registry flag whether it’s Home or Professional edition, such as EFS, RAID support and ability to join domain, may or may not work after migration.It came with Windows 7 Home Premium 64 and I'm thinking on upgrading it to the Ultimate Edition.However, if it had come with Vista and I was upgrading to Windows 7, then I think I would probably buy the FULL version--to avoid the problems that I had before.

I, personally don't like Upgrade Versions because I got stuck with one once.For that reason, on my desktop computer, I'm still using Windows XP--even on my brand new one.I have a laptop that I bought last year that I might use an UPGRADE version on it, because I'm only going from one EDITION to another.When Vista came out, I checked the Update Advisor and it said I could upgrade from Windows XP Professional to Windows Vista Home Premium, so I bought the Upgrade version.However, when I tried to install it, it told me that it was not allowed to go from Pro to Home Premium, and that I should have bought either the Vista Pro or Vista Ultimate edition, and since it was opened, neither the store nor Microsoft would give me my money back, nor would they even exchange it for the FULL Version, so that I COULD make that upgrade.

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