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You might have to change the passwords that you set for the Cold Fusion Administrator and Remote Development Service (RDS) during Cold Fusion installation. For more information, see Administrator page and RDS page.To grant user-specific access to the Cold Fusion Administrator, you create users and specify a user name, password, applicable sandboxes, and the sections of the Cold Fusion Administrator that each user can access. (Server configuration only) You might have to customize Java settings, such as classpath information, to meet the needs of your applications.For instance, consider the following code: This setting is used during compilation of the CFML page and therefore if this flag is changed (in the administrator or programmatically), any pages relying on the change must be recompiled.

Protects Form, URL, CGI, and Cookie scope variables from cross-site scripting attacks.Requests smaller than the specified limit are not queued or counted as part of the total memory.Requests larger than the specified limit are counted as part of total memory and are queued if the request throttle-memory size is exceeded.Turns off verifying the CFC type when calling methods with CFCs as arguments.This option also disables verifying an object that implements the right interface.

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Cases for struct keys were not preserved in the past versions of Cold Fusion.

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