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My conclusion: all three are very worthy contenders that can hold their own or surpass any heavyweight for-pay antivirus; however Anitvir and Avast are definitely in the first tier, while AVG is a close second tier.There’s been a vigorous debate going on in the little “cbox” message box (in the sidebar) over which freeware antivirus program is best. The objective is to go beyond the ubiquitous “I have used program x for y years now and it has kept me completely virus free” to a more substantial comparison.

Having said that I would have personally liked the addition of at least two more: Comodo Antivirus and Rising Antivirus(both of which have a lot of fans).

Versions tested: note that the versions tested were the paid versions.

I am assuming that the basic engine is the same in the free version as well, and that the results apply there.

The programs tested were subjected to 45,831 “new” instances of malicious code collected between Aug 4th-31st 2008 (4 weeks in total).

The results above seem to show that when handling yet unknown threats (malicious code that is so brand new that it has not been added to the program’s database), Antivir and Kaspersky have an advantage over the others.3.

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