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Use HJSplit (for PC) and Split&Concact (for Mac) to join the parts into one file.Once you download the firmware locally on your PC or Mac, follow the steps above to update i Pod Touch to Firmware 3.0.

itunes then was able to recognize the touch and I could restore back to the original firmware version (1.1.1) you will lose all your stuff, but I got it working again - just did it last night! like im doing it rite now and i guess by the time you answer, is gonna be too late, oh well:] more information for later veiwers:] my touch is restoring rite now and it shows the apple, and a bar(partialy filled) is that the loading bar for when its finished?

blah link for everyone that posts the 2.2.1 restore, except for the alternate links but the second is a virus and the third could take a day or 3 to download, with the computer on the whole time I had this problem after updating my ipod touch a while ago. Anyways, I found a post somewhere that allowed you to boot the touch in safemode and that basically forced itunes to see it.

Startup itunes, plug in your touch, then just hold down the home and power button at the same time.

In the 3rd picture were you select the new firmware you are looking in a folder named i Touch.

When i tried to go through this process there doesnt seem to be an i Touch folder anywhere on my computer! i tried this but the 1403 message showed up and whe i tried to run the file after saving it, it said the torrent was downloading already.

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