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That experience was useful for next winter and frozen losses were reduced by 40% according to Major-General Esteban-Infantes.On December, the Blue Division HQ created a special ski company with 228 men to patrol Ilmen´s western side.Initially, German ambassador Von Stöhrer was afraid about combat and political quality of these Falangist volunteers, but after checking with Army high command he could post to Berlin that 75% division´s members were professional soldiers.Recruitment begun on 27 June 1941 and after a few days were enlisted more men than required.Falangist volunteers only could enlist into infantry companies.More even, volunteers had to be veterans of SCW and political reliable.Its official name was «División Española de Voluntarios» (DEV), Spanish Division of Volunteers, but was known as «División Azul» (Blue Division) by Falangist leaders and media.

[…] Due to losses suffered and hardness of East front campaign, since end of 1941 was retaken the recruitment of new volunteers for Blue Division.

Between 12 and 13 July, Spaniards arrived to Grafenwöhr (Bavaria) […] After final division´s reorganization according German TO&E, total effectives were 18,946, some above those required. Infanterie-Division (spanische) was incorporated into Wehrmacht order of battle. 262, 263 and 269), one artillery regiment with four battalions (each 105mm howitzer battalion was usually attached to each infantry regiment) and other units (250 was the number assigned to these support units).

Also was attached a liaison staff with German officers.

Despite were enough enlistments yet, from this date that number was decreasing because veterans returned from Russia told about hard conditions of fighting there.

At the end (in 1943), Army high command had to send recruitments from regular units.

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