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3) Do NOT get the binary files confused and download the PAP2 binary first. 4) If you did not see my above warning (for #2 and/or #3) until it was too late, all may not be lost as long as the adapter did not see the Internet.The very first thing to do is try to reset the device again by using **** and then 73738# as per the original instructions – if you can do this it will (hopefully) dump the firmware you loaded by mistake and bring in the original firmware from ROM, letting you start over from scratch (well, almost).I never had any issues with 3.1.3(LS), so never went looking for updates.Anyway, I felt a little adventurous today and decided to update. These are not for any other use, so if you are looking for upgrade firmware for your PAP2, DO NOT assume that this will be them.. -[End of post]--- * - I've read that if you factory reset the unit, it'll go back to its old Vonage ways.

I didn't even have to re-enter any of my settings, which I had copied, so it really was a cinch. If anyone else is interested in updating their PAP2 and not too sure of how to go about it, it's very easy.

I have a Linksys PAP2-NA, is it the same as the SPA2102.

The config page on My Net Fone show the fireware is 3.1.3(LS), but mine is 3.1.22(LS).


2) Do NOT succumb to the temptation to set the adapter to a static IP address.

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