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Follow the following steps to resolve the issue: Follow the following steps: 1: remove the boot.properties file completely from the managed server directory.2: remove the Managed Server Dir/data/ldap directory completely. 4: Now try to start the server from the command prompt and provide the username/password used to login to the Admin Console. Just edit the file, use plain text username and password instead of encrypted like Username: weblogic password: Weblogic1 After start the server from command line, it will encrypt again automitically.2.Anyone who completes our Java Training in Chennai will become a master in Java with hands-on workouts and projects.Our Java trainers are well experienced and certified working professionals with more experience in real time projects.Even if I try to access the application through localhost, I will not be able to access the JSP pages and a 503 http status is shown but then I am able to access the static HTML page.I will not be able to access the Oracle 11g Weblogic admin console page as well.

Message reliability is one of the features which customer look for. Consider a typical scenario where in proxy service reads a message from a source queue and send that message to a target queue.Today we have been presented with an excellent opportunity to align ourselves with what the industry needs.All that industry needs is a good programmer / Analyst to create applications, to handle business functionalities and to persist data for future use, that’s exactly what we at Training in Tambaram aim to do.Once proxy service picks up the message it will try to post the message to the target queue.If for any reason the target queue is not accessible or any failure happens during posting there is a chance to loose the original message if proper steps not taken.

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