Updating and maintaining websites

Test website speed, ensure WHOIS records are updated, track website analytics, and based on the results you may need to tweak your website layout, content type, posting frequency, and anything else that you may feel could help your website do better.

Whether you’re an established opinion influencer or a rookie blogger, you need to guard against unauthorized use of your content. Managing your brand is crucial to success online, and the activity forms an essential part of website maintenance.

Timetable in a few hours every week to tell your customers what’s new in your world and your website will enjoy a whole new lease of life.

When a visitor lands on your homepage, they make a decision about whether to explore the site further within just a couple of seconds. If your site feels unloved and neglected, that’s how your potential customers will treat it.

The interwebs are littered with the graves of websites that were great ideas and could’ve really raked in serious money had the website owners paid attention to website maintenance.

Are you in the process of adding a new feature to your website, like more payment options for customers, a free download, gated content…it could be anything.If not, then we can help you with content and ensure that visitors to your website always have a compelling reason to come back.The absence of content disheartens visitors and search engines are quick to downgrade a site with obsolete content.But it’s true worth will be realized only when people come to know about it. Adding the feature calls for technical skill, you may or may not have it.Adding a new feature can lead to immense benefits but there may be some teething troubles, you need to take care that these early bumps do not distract users from the benefits and do not put them off.

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