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When you choose a category, the right side of the dialog box changes to show more detailed options.After you click the OK button, the field is inserted into your document.To liven things up a bit, Word has a way to let you add dynamic (changing) elements to your document.Unlike the text you normally compose, dynamic text changes to reflect a number of factors.To toggle all the fields in your document, press Alt F9.So if you open a document and see field codes instead of results, simply press Alt F9 to toggle them all.

You can access fields as follows: For a complete list of fields, read Field codes in Word.By Dan Gookin The phrase “carved in stone” refers to text that doesn’t change.But, with fields, what you write in Word 2013 isn’t carved in stone.When entering a field manually, you press F9 to generate and display its results.To toggle between the field code and its resulting value, select the entire field and press Shift F9.

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