Unregistered webcam

'Mce' file contains the image of the effect, while the 'para' file controls the XY coordinate of the effect.

You can use the 'make new effect' panel of Magic Camera to create new 'mce' file. Its format is: top-left point: x,y top-right point: x,y right-bottom point: x,y right-bottom point: x,y These four points control the alpha area of the effect.

It can be used with webcam applications such as Skype, Live Messenger, justin.tv, etc.I do not have a camera on my computer, does Magic Camera still work? Magic Camera works even if you do not have a physical camera.In this case, Magic Camera will turn your video files or screens to a virtual/fake webcam.This is the input resolution of Magic Camera that your real webcam can support.If this input resolution you set is not the same as the above output resolution, Magic Camera will scale it to output resolution.

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