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CZ101 MODIFICATIONS These modifications originally appeared in Electronic Musician, August 1986 - Pitch Bender mod: Pages 1 2 9v Battery mod: Pages 2 3 Octave Transpose mod: Page 3 CV Pedal mod: Page 4 MIDI Power cable mod: Pages 5 6 Regulated PSU: Pages 6 7 Frankly the scans are almost unreadable, but the page owner may offer better ones by email (? FUTURE RETRO SYNTHESIZERS Home of the 777 monophonic analog synthesizer. 39 analog controls, powerful sequencer with features like: realtime pattern editing (while the patterns playing), copy/paste, midi, cv gate and accent in and out, plus external audio input. HELICOPTER the coolest looking site as well as sounding...

Capable of identically recreating the 303 sound and sequencing, plus drum sounds, synth leads, and other various effects. a place to download really cool distorty gabber industrial loops made mostly with analog keyboards and other analog pieces...

(Limited in Shareware Version) Restore your Roland D-50 to its factory default setting. Select patches in the librarian by remote control from the D50.

There you'll find wo pages about the JP-8000, one with patches/performances, the other with info on how to subscribe to the jp8k - mailinglist. d AVID KORG Poly-800 Synthesizer Patches and history on the Korg Poly-800 Vintage Synthesizer from the 1980s.

Today, its known for being a commonly modded synthesizer due to its relatively low price when purchased used. PLASTIK ALIEN Analog Sound Ressource Personnal reviews, specs, facts and files originating from my personnal home studio including, Roland, Waldorf, Yamaha, Novation, Oberheim, Kurzweil and Clavia gear...

synth4ever - Synth reviews, demos and ambient elec The synth4ever website features hardware synth reviews, various video synth demos and live ambient electronica music performed on synthesizers.

Synth reviews and demos include Roland JX-10, Waldorf Q, Alesis Andromeda, Access Virus, Yamaha AN1x, Novation Supernova II and much more.

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