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“You need to have information about these people and it needs to be at the granular level.This starts with a continually updated marketing profile.” In addition, organise your analytics into an analytics centre of excellence in order to optimise against that experience, Kihn said.And opting for the 6-month subscription even saves you around 100 £ - wich is over 50%!! The guarentee (formerly “Make Love Happen Guarantee”) is no promo code but rather an option for anyone opting for a six-month subscription at If you haven’t found someone special during your first six-month subscription, will provide you with additional six months at no extra cost.

“This needs to be a flexible – not 360-degree however – and dimensionalised degree view of your customer,” he said.

“Of course, it boggles the mind in terms of executing this: How do you create brand flexible enough to cope? People are less receptive to irrelevant messages each year and they will actively avoid your messaging if you don’t meet them where they are.

You do this by stripping your brand down into a brand framework.” A brand framework is distinctly different to the way brands have historically been defined, Kihn argued. That’s what it means to go from brand to brand framework.” To build such a framework, you still need a purpose and brand preferences, Kihn advised.

“Dynamic creative optimisation in advertising and banner ads are a hint of what’s to come,” he said.

“However, any creative asset can be broken into elements.

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