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It is also inevitable for the App Store server to become overloaded with requests, considering the number of users attempting to access the server.

This is why sometimes your download or install would take longer than you expect it to finish.

To ensure this is not causing your trouble, try to disable this feature on your i Phone and see what happens after that. Wait a bit and try to update or download your apps again at a later time.

If it times out, fails to verify, won't download, won't complete, or won't reboot, you'll need to troubleshoot. When you tap to install i OS 12 beta, if nothing happens, you can try force-quitting Settings and begin again.

Normally, it should be a quick and easy process — but things can and do go wrong.

Sometimes if you repeatedly tried to open a specific crashing app, the app would hang on launch instead and get stuck on a white or black screen, and then eventually crash itself. The instant app crashing and hanging on launch issue is shown in this video below.

It’s not going to win any Academy Awards, but it shows what happens if you’re having the problem.

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Given the wide range of applications available from the App Store, all you need is simply pick which apps suit your needs.

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