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Travis: If I put you onstage by yourself, could you hold an entire audience's attention? Our mission is to really push contemporary dance on TV and in movies as much as possible. Let's talk about the reality show, “All the Right Moves." Most of you have been on camera plenty doing things like “So You Think You Can Dance." How does this compare?I was looking for great personalities—ultimately, it's a company of best friends. Jaimie: When you're watching your own life on TV, it forces you to learn a lot about yourself and see things from new perspectives.The show follows Travis, Nick, Kyle and Teddy as they launch the company and live together in Hollywood. Kyle Robinson: Teddy and I grew up competing with each other.

When Jaimie—who is on the injured list recovering from knee surgery—threw her leg behind her into a perfect penchée, Travis went wild.

Nick Lazzarini: And I grew up competing with Travis. He's been my mentor since I walked into his mom's studio, and the rest is history. Travis Wall: When I first started getting hired to choreograph, I always had the same group of dancers with me.

Jaimie Goodwin: I started training at Denise Wall's Dance Energy [Travis' mom's studio] when I was 12. I wanted to create a company where if you hired Travis Wall, you knew what you were getting—this group of dancers.

(With his dark eyes and killer smile, we're happily on board the crush train, too.) There was no sense of competition, no asking to be “in the front." By the end of the day, the concept of Shaping Sound made complete sense: Why would these dancers work individually when, together, they can create something truly magnificent? There were these metal things on the edge of the runway, curving up.

I wondered why it wasn't a flat wall, and then I realized there was a residential neighborhood on the other side of the wall.

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