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By nationality he is a Canadian and his ethnicity is white. Accounting his career highlights and accomplishments, since 2003, he has been perfect in her career and bags several awards and rewards, in the year 2008; she was the first woman who makes a Guinness World Record to back flip a dirt bike.He is very professional and has a successful future ahead.She also competed in many prestige’s motocross events, such as The Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National and The Walton Trans Can Canadian Amateur National.In 2006 Jolene would have a large part in creating the Canadian Women’s National Championship’s, a coast-to-coast national series that would mirror the opportunities of the WMA in the U. She would commemorate the event by winning the series and becoming the first Canadian Women’s National Champion.2006 would be a landmark year in Jolene’s life.She also competed in many prestigious motocross events, such as the Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National and the Trans Can Canadian Amateur Grand National Championship.

In September 2015, Van Vugt was seriously injured when attempting to do a ramp jump using a slingshot (a device used to propel bikes to high speeds in a short distance).Jolene Van Vugt is one of the professional names in the sports world, she is extremely professional in her game, she is the first CMRC Women’s Canadian Motocross National Champion, first female to back flip a full sized dirt bike and also a holds a Guinness World Records, and co stars of several motocross stunts and videos. Talking about his early life and career, he also has siblings, from his childhood, she was passionate about biking, racing and driving, at the age of 11, she induced her father to bike her dirt bike, and after that she decided that motocross is her goal, because she was passionate about biking, racing and stunts. V shows name Nitro Circus, in the year 2012; she performed Catwoman’s driving stunts in the movie The Dark Knight Rises.This leading lady was born in the year 1980, on September 17; London, Canada is his birth place. However, in the year 2015, he also had to suffer from severe injury and problems.It wasn’t until the age of 11 that Jolene finally convinced her dad to buy her a bike (after much debate about her commitment to her ever-changing hobbies).At the age of 14 Jolene was given the ultimatum to either practice, race and take motocross seriously or give it up for good.

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