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“I got myself an international sim a the airport but other than that I didn't spend a cent,” she said.

They stayed in various luxury hotels but always had separate rooms.

Jessica said that she makes it clear in advance that she would not share a bed with the men on the site.

She plans on taking another trip soon when she is next offered a destination she is keen on visiting.

On your doorstep are more social and cultural opportunities than I could shake a stick at.

And yet this isn’t enough: you want somebody of your own.

The way to survive is to battle these thoughts head on and to reach out and do something.

You could have philosophical and religious reasons for choosing to deny the sexual part of yourself. You could have boxed yourself into the corner of thinking that your body no longer bears inspection or that it might not function in the way it once did.

The 21-year-old got chatting to her vacation benefactor on the website Miss which is a platform for “attractive women” to find men who require travel companions.

There are no strings attached and the women are not required to do anything other than spend time with the man who has funded their trip.

Some people are lonely, I do agree, and it is a downside of ageing that there is shrinkage and loss.

The end of a working life signals a loss of colleagues and team spirit.

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