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Many Christians, including Tim Costello (the brother of Hillsong conference addressee and Federal Treasurer Peter Costello) as well as those from the Assemblies of God in Australia, oppose this teaching as being unbiblical and heterodox.I guess the answer to this might be seen simply by looking at Christ’s wealth whilst on earth.There are lots of sermons that contain self help stuff – lots of positive motivational stuff for teenage kids that need direction. It does focus quite a bit on self – ie what can god do for me.And I haven’t yet heard a great deal of the hard to swallow stuff that Jesus taught though I’ve no doubt I just missed it as Im not a regular goer.

How one would find out exactly how the money was being used I have no clue – hey Hillsong people…

can u tell me where it goes – do you have an open accounts policy?

Hillsong was founded in the Sydney CBD in the late seventies by Frank Houston.

But God only requires the minimum donation of our love does he not according to the Bible – or is he happier when we give up our money too?

I think he may well be – but it’s what happens to it afterwards that concerns me.

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