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Contractive, closed postures involve limbs held close to the torso and minimization of occupied space by collapsing the body inward (15).These postures likely hold signal value only to perceivers, because research has failed to replicate effects suggesting that expansive postures cause people to feel and behave more powerfully (16).Thus, subtle nonverbal cues may be especially influential.Physical features, such as pupil size, gaze directionality, eye color, facial symmetry, and nonverbal displays, are encoded by human minds in as little as 39 ms (11). an averted gaze) influence decisions to pursue or pass over a potential romantic partner when rapidly observing photographs of models in a computer task (12).Expansiveness in humans signals perceived and sometimes actual status and access to resources (15, 17, 18).Specifically, different ways of operationalizing expansiveness (e.g., stretched limbs) have been shown to be a nonverbal indicator of actual (17, 19), perceived (17, 20), and believed (15) verticality, a social dimension that organizes people by levels of power, dominance, status, hierarchy, and similar vertical attributes (17, 21, 22).* Given its link to resource acquisition, possession, and allocation control/sharing, the functional preference for dominance in mates may have emerged because it is linked to one’s own longer life span as well as to reproductive success and offspring survival.contraction) on attraction using a popular Global Positioning System-based online-dating application.

Nonverbal displays in initial romantic encounters are especially important in the modern dating landscape in which decisions about selecting a partner often are made after brief interactions that sometimes last only a couple minutes (e.g., when speed-dating) or after a few seconds observing photographs online [e.g., on widely used Global Positioning System (GPS)-based dating applications].That is, the romantic relationship with the dominant person affords an opportunity to partake in these resources (23).Specifically, expansive, open postures signaling dominance may have served to signal the extent to which an individual can successfully navigate social hierarchies and form alliances (24).Specifically, perceivers’ impressions of a target’s dominance increase significantly as the target assumes a more expanded and open nonverbal posture (15).For humans, expansive, open postures involve widespread limbs, a stretched torso, and/or enlargement of the occupied space.

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