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The gas field located 3000 metres below the floor of the Persian Gulf is the largest natural gas field in the world.

Just as the 2003 Iraq War has been linked to oil in the Persian Gulf, Syria may turn out to be all about gas. One of the countries that has a lot to gain from getting rid of Assad is Turkey.TWO NEW PIPELINES Before the civil war, two competing pipelines put forward by Qatar and Iran aimed to transport gas to Europe through Syria.Qatar’s plans were first put forward in 2009 and involved building a pipeline from the Persian Gulf via Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria and Turkey.As one of the countries relying on Russia for gas, freeing it from this dependence would be an added bonus.But none of this can be realised if the pipeline bypasses Turkey and if Assad becomes instrumental in approving an alternative that does not involve it.

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Factor in this detail and suddenly the war begins to make more sense, here’s how it works: IT’S THE GAS, STUPID Many have questioned why Russia became involved in the Syrian war but often overlook the fight over natural gas.

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