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You will find the files you modified listed in the window that opens. Now enter these modified files back into SVN by clicking on the Commit button.

Now if someone else were to “check out” this project out of your SVN server she will see the new files with a new tag.

Certificate validation is implemented differently based on the application validating the certificate, the type of identity being validated (i.e.

validating a certificate from a web server will differ from validating a signed e-mail), and configuration of the Windows computer performing the validation.

The first screen will look something like in the image below.

There are two windows here, titled Working Copies and Repositories.

This will fetch all the latest revisions for all the files that are part of this SVN repository.

Drag and drop the Svn X application into your system’s Applications folder. Svn X is a front-end for the SVN client, and therefore we need to also install the SVN client binary for Svn X to work. Extract the file you download and copy the svn binary file to /usr/local/bin/ Double click on Svn X in your Applications folder to launch it.

You’ll get a better idea of what these two are as we go along.

Before we get into the details of configuring Svn X here’s a quick explanation of how SVN works.

You are ready to begin working with these documents.

Now open finder and go to the directory where you “checked out” the code.

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